Communicate & Message Directly With Colleges
TGS player messaging and email system your communication needs become that much simpler.
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TGS Player Profile Email Templates

Email Template

When sending emails from the your TGS profile to colleges your emails will automatically attach your picture, position, club name, team name, grad year and a link to your profile. All you have to do is type in your message and hit send. It is that simple!

TGS Player Profile Organization


Once you have sent emails or messages to colleges from your TGS profile they are automatically logged under the college for you. Making it easy for you to quickly find emails and messages for a particular college.

TGS Player Profile Direct Links

Direct Links

When utilizing your TGS account to send messages or emails your personal links to your profile, club, and team are automatically added. There is no need to add additional links to your profile.

Why TGS Video Solution For Your Club?

Keeping to our core values of giving you one solution to manage all of your clubs needs in one place. TGS has introduce a powerful video solution allowing you to share, download, assign, and create notes for individual videos. Making it that much easier to share your data with your membership in one place.