Promoting Your Camps
With your TOTALcollegiate system you can list your camps for your college to all players for free.
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Why Market Your Camp?

For a camp to succeed, the camps must be known to potential players. Without marketing, players may never be aware of your camp offerings and your camps may not be given the opportunity to succeed. Using marketing through the TGS system will promote your camps and provides your camps with a chance of being discovered by prospective players.

Custom Email Templates

The TGS camp system allows the colleges to create custom email templates to brand their camps marketing materials. Not only can you have as many as you like you can also have TGS creative team create them for you.

Market to Your Specific Needs

The TGS College camp system allows you to directly market to a target audience by selecting players by birth year, region, and position. This way you you can market to the correct audience making your camp successful in achieving it's goals.

Connecting to Hundreds of Thousands of Players

With the TGS mobile app, you can manage your recruiting efforts through your smartphone or tablet anytime, anywhere. No need to take hand written notes or use multiple systems for your tracking methods, your TGS account has everything you need in one place. Everything you do on the mobile syncs automatically to your web account allowing you to manage your recruiting efforts anywhere anytime. Now that is powerful!