For those players who desire to play in college, get connected with over 5,000 college coaches.
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TGS Player Profiles
Robust Player Profile

No need to spend hours organizing and planning the entire schedule structure. Let the TGS Auto-Scheduler do all the heavy lifting!

TGS College System
Connect to Colleges

Through our totally integrated system, college coaches can track players through club, team and tournament activity with linkages never before done in youth sports.

TGS Player Resources
Recruiting Resource Center

For those that prefer to be more hands-on when it come to game scheduling, the drag and drop scheduler is a great tool. The Drag and Drop Scheduler makes scheduling a breeze.

TGS Player Messages

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College Recruiting Needs

Are you serious about being recruited and playing sports in college? Do you want to land that college athletic scholarship? If so, you have come to the right place! Total Global Sports player profiles, provide you all of your college sports recruiting and athletic scholarship needs. Create your TGS player profile to maximize your college recruiting exposure and sports scholarship opportunities. Best part is it is free to get started!

TGS Player Profile Game Note

Game Notes

Game notes allow you to inform colleges and scouts about your specific game. For example you might let them know if you are playing a specific half or any other information that you wish to tell them about your game making this a valuable product for you and the scouts.

Game Status

With game status you can change your status for each individual game. Whether your Attending, Possibly Missing, Injured, or Not Attending you can change your status which updates/notifies all colleges and scouts automatically. Best part is your also to do this directly from your mobile device.

TGS Player Profile Game Status

Personal Scouting Videos

You can create and upload your playing videos, highlight videos, or any type of playing video. Colleges and scouts will have direct access to view your videos.

Auto Game Sync

No need to worry about adding your games for college coaches. Games are automatically synced to your account when your teams play in a tournament or league the TGS software runs. So you never need to worry about informing coaches of game changes it is done automatically.

Event Schedules

Schedules are posted and updated in real time. With the mobile app tournament attendees will never be lost of the way to game and they will always have the most update to date schedule.

Complex / Venues

The complex and venue page allows a user to easily find directions to the fields, complex rules, schedules for a particular field, weather and so much more.

Follow Favorite Teams

Stop hunting for your players teams and tag them as a favorite. That way every time you go to the app you can simple select the team and see their schedule and results.

TGS Mobile App
Event Standings

With the mobile app you can see standings in real time. As soon as the scores are posted the app is updated. No more wondering if your team will advance to the next round. The answer is in your hands.

Food & Entertainment

Quickly and easily find food and restaurants that are near the fields where you will be playing. If you have time before or after games easily find some entertainment such as movie theaters and bowling alleys.

Special Offers

The event has the ability to list any special offers that near by restraints are offering to tournament attendees. Quickly find these deals along with the map on how to get there.

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