For those players who desire to play in college, TOTALplayer is a vital college coach communications link.
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Teen Account Player Profile

TOTALplayer Teen account is for players ages 13 & up that have a goal to play in college. With a Teen account, players can have full access to their robust player profile, request references and evaluations, upload videos, access the testing center, can purchase training videos, follow and communicate with college coaches and more. While college coaches track and manage players, players will have the same tools to track, manage and email with their favorite colleges. Players will be able to view stats about each college to make informed decisions. Colleges will be able to track player activity with enhanced links never before seen in youth sports.

College Resource Center

With the college resource center players now have access to over 3,000 colleges. Allowing players to research the colleges, create their favorites list, take notes, and tracking their emails with a specific colleges and much more. The resource center provides the player sample emails on how to write to coaches, NCAA clearing house guidelines, and links to important tools. Make sure you sign up to get the resources every player needs to give them the best opportunity to fulfill their dreams.

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TOTALplayer Mobile App

With your TOTALplayer mobile appyou will have absolutely everything you need to keep your college profile up to date. You can update your game status, access your game schedules, view your player profile along with the ability to update your college commitment status and much more.

My Schedules

Players schedules are automatically synced to the players account from the events so if games changes college are notified in real time.

My Profile

Players profiles provide them access to upload video, academic info, preferences, references, evaluations, and much more.

Contact Your Coach

Using the TOTALplayer app you can quickly access your coaches contact information directly from the app.

My Teams

Each player has a full history of teams the have played for along with their current team giving them full access to all the team info.

My Commitment Status

Players can update their college commitment status by selecting the school and what level of commitment.

Contact Your Manager

Using the TOTALplayer app you can quickly access your team manager contact information directly from the app.

Game Notes

Game notes allow you to inform colleges and scouts about your specific game. For example you might let them know if you are playing a specific half or any other information that you wish to tell them about your game.

Game Status

With game status you can change your status for each individual game. Whether your Attending, Possibly Missing, Injured, or Not Attending you can change your status which updates/notifies all colleges and scouts automatically.

Auto Game Sync

No need to worry about adding your games for college coaches. Games are automatically synced to your account with the tournament or league schedule. So you never need to worry about informing coaches of game changes it is done automatically.

Personal Videos

You can create and upload your playing videos, highlight videos, or any type of playing video. Colleges and scouts will have direct access to view your videos.

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