Connecting Your Players
Your players now have greater access to college helping their college recruiting needs.
Log Into Your Team Account

Player Accounts

Total Global Sports provides each player with a free player profile the moment you add them to the TGS system. Player have the ability to upgrade their account to build a robust player profile. Each player that has an upgraded account will have access to the college center giving them access to all colleges, resource center and much more. Players will also have the ability to see what college viewed them at particular TGS events making their recruiting needs that much easier.

On Field Recruiting at Events

Total Global Sports has created the most powerful recruiting app on the market for college coaches. Teams no longer need to provide college with team profile sheets anymore as all of your players and team information is in the palm of the coaches hand field side. Make sure your players have their basic information available so college can recruit properly.

Communication With Colleges

Total Global Sports player profile system allows players to directly communicate with college from their account. All communication from notes to emails will be stored for both the player and the colleges making their recruiting process that much easier.

Connecting to Hundreds of Thousands of Players

TGS innovated technology makes managing your team college needs that much easier. Colleges manage their recruiting efforts through their smartphone or tablet anytime, anywhere. They have no need to take hand written notes or use multiple systems for their tracking methods, with their TGS account everything they need is in one place. Everything they do on the mobile syncs automatically to their web account allowing them to manage their recruiting efforts anywhere anytime. Now that is powerful!

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