TGS complex management software simplifies the scheduling and management of fields, leagues, tournaments, equipment, and more.
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Managing Efficiently

It is not easy managing a sports complex, but with TOTALcomplex things have changed. TOTALcomplex helps sports complexes with higher occupancy rates, equipment rental, and so much more. TGS event systems are fully integrated with the complex system streamlining the rental process and your complexes day to day work.  With this integration events schedules, team data, gender data and much more are easily tracked helping you identify with your audience.

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Occupancy Rates

Knowing your occupancy rate daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly are important to running an effective sports complex. That is what the complex system gives you access to all the information and more.

Custom Reports

TOTAL complex reports allow you to track schedules, applications, individual field needs, attendance, gender, average age ect. to help you understand your audience along with providing detailed reports to staff.

Full Integration

TOTAL complex is fully integrated with all of TGS event solutions making it simple for users to apply and sync all information for each event. The complex now only needs one place to manage all the data.

Mobile App

With the custom mobile app for your complex your audience will be provided with parking map, field map, restrooms, schedules, offers, entrainment along with the ability to pay for parking and ordering of food.

With TGS TOTALcomplex system we are able to track data that was never available before that is vital to running the largest soccer complex in the United States. Josh Hodges - Silverlakes Park General Manger

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