How to Create Schedules for Players Your Following

Once you click into an event players you are following will be displayed allowing you to see how many of your players are attending the event. The TGS system allows for you to see all the games for each of the players you are following. You are able to assign each players game to you or your staff. Once completed your staff are web device, mobile device are automatically updated. Additionally each staff has the ability to download their schedule in excel.

From TGS System

  • LOG INTO your TGS account (Click Here)
  • Select the tab EVENTS
  • Select the ARROW next to the event you are looking for
  • Under the CREATE STAFF SCHEDULES, select the second option.
  • SELECT games from the player’s schedules
  • Select the ASSIGN GAME button and assign staff members

From TGS Mobile Device

  • Select FIND AN EVENT from the mobile device
  • Select your EVENT
  • Select MY PLAYERS
  • Select any GAME
  • Select ASSIGN GAME
  • ASSIGN game to staff members.

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