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Glen Allen, VA, July 6, 2016—Elite Clubs National League (ECNL), the preeminent female youth soccer league in the nation, has partnered with Total Global Sports (TGS) to provide its college-bound players desiring to play collegiate soccer, more seamless connectivity with college coaches nationwide. In addition, TGS is providing ECNL and its member clubs and teams an integrated software system to aid efficiency of league and event operations.

ECNL college-bound soccer players now have an edge on one of the most important parts of recruiting–getting their information in front of college coaches and getting noticed on an ongoing basis. ECNL already provides its thousands of players premier access to competitive league play and showcase events that are frequented by college coaches for recruiting purposes. But with the TGS partnership, it can now enable its players to be on the same software platform as college coaches, removing pre-existing barriers, while still complying with NCAA communication rules for players and coaches.

“If we can help advance our players’ goals of playing soccer in college, whether it is to help pay for the high cost of a college education or for the sheer love of the game, then it makes sense to employ what we can to help them capitalize on their talents and meet those goals.” said Jen Woodie, ECNL Commissioner.

What TGS is providing ECNL is a combination of software, all integrated in real-time, that runs their league and events, aids member clubs and teams in their interface with ECNL, but also in their own club/team management, plus gives ECNL players the ability to have a robust profile visible to college coaches which is embedded in the college software.

``When we were approached with the opportunity to work with the number one women's league in the world we felt that our product would be the perfect fit. With our integrated college coach accounts and the player profiles all flowing into the league system we knew ECNL and TGS would be the perfect match.`` Said Steve Patterson, Total Global Sports CEO.


When will team registration open on TGS for the 2016-17 ECNL season?

August 1, 2016

Does my existing team history from ECNL move over to TGS?

Yes, ECNL team history is being moved over. We plan to have the past 4 years of history pulled over to the TGS system by August 1st.

If we don't have a team or player account with TGS what is the next step?

Each team already has a team account. An email will be going to each team manager and coach providing them with their Team Account Activation link. They will click the link to create their password and then have full access to their team account. Players will automatically be updated to their current ECNL teams. If a player has not activated their account then an email will be sent to them with their activation link.

If we already have a team or player account with TGS what happens to the account?

Nothing will happen to your account. You will still be able to login and access your team’s information and your player account will remain intact.

Will there be online training for Club Registrars, Coaches, Directors, Team Admins, and College Recruiters?

Yes, several emails will be sent communicating the different online training times. Be sure to sign up quickly as space is limited in each online training session.

How does TGS benefit a player's college recruiting efforts?

All ECNL players receive a basic ECNL branded TOTALplayer profile. Player profiles are on the same platform with the TGS College software and mobile app used everyday by college coaches for in-office and field-side scouting efforts at all ECNL events. Colleges access ECNL player profiles 24/7, linked to all ECNL league games and showcase events, now run on the TGS integrated software platform. Players can opt to upgrade to a more robust profile and share more information, videos, evaluations, etc. plus research colleges and email colleges directly from their account for even greater visibility with college coaches.

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