Food & Entertainment
Using the Total Global Sports concierge service gives your customers instant access to restaurants and entertainment around your event. Teams and families can make reservations to restaurants or see specials offered by businesses.
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TGS offers food reservations
TGS Food

Local restaurants will be added to your event allowing your attendees to easily find places to eat.

Sync Schedules

Making large group reservation for teams through the mobile app and team account has never been easier. TGS works with local restaurants that can handle large parties for your event.

TGS Enetertianment

During down times for teams at your event, teams are able to find entertainment options in the local area.

TGS Offers

Dinning and Entertainment businesses offer discounts and specials to your teams and families to purchase through the mobile app and web.

Why TGS Food And Entertainment Solution For Your Event?

By utilizing TGS’s food and entertainment you will be providing to your teams local food and entertainment services. This will allow teams to easily find restaurants, make reservations, purchase offers and find fun things to do. TGS will handle all of the contracts and seamlessly integrate all of this into your mobile app and web application. Best of all you will make additional revenue for your event.

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