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Individual Game Set-Up

Formation & Starting Line Up

Set your formation and add your starting line up. During the game you are able to change and track substitutions always keeping your teams game information available to you and the college coaches. All data will be stored in your team and players accounts tracking their minutes played and other statistics.

Pre & Post Game Notes

Pre-Game notes remind you of important game information about your team along with any other details that you feel is relevant. Post game notes are a great way to track information about the game helping you prepare your upcoming weeks training schedule or when you play the opponent again. notes can be shared with staff coaches.

Set Pieces

Create and manage your set plays in a catalogue allowing you to choose or create new ones for each of your games. Each set play is automatically shared with the players n their accounts and mobile devices.

Players of Interest & Top Players

Durning or after the game you have the ability to flag players of interest from your opponent. Additionally, you can flag top players from your team. This information is logged in your account allowing you to access it at anytime.

Post Game Surveys

At the completion of the game each player will receive an after game survey asking them 5 simple questions. Once the player have completed the survey the data is shared with the coach and stored in the team and player account. If a player fails to complete the survey the coach has the ability to resend it as a reminder to complete.

During Game Management

Sharing + Players + Fill In Coach + Scouts

Sharing With Players

Team Staff can share all game information with each individual player on their team giving them access to set plays and formations.

Sharing with Fill In Coach

Have to miss a game for travel, sick or whatever reason simply share the game information with the staff that will be covering your game with the click of a button.

Connected With Colleges/Scouts

Colleges/Scouts will instantly be shared your starting line up when searching for your game.

Pricing Packages

Single Team Package
$ 9.95 Monthly

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