How Your Profile is Connected
With your TGS player profile you are connected on all levels with colleges and pro scouts.
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TGS Player Profile
TGS Player Website


Colleges and scouts have the ability to search the TGS database at any time to gather player information and manage their recruiting efforts. The website provides a powerful tool for colleges and scouts to access your information that is tied together with your events, club, and team.

TGS Player Mobile


Colleges and Pro Scouts have 24/7 access to your profile 365 days a year. The TGS mobile app allows the colleges and scouts to access your full profile along with all of your game, club, and team information. At any time a college can now pull up your information making their recruiting efforts that much easier.

TGS Player Profile Grassroots


Showcase events are connected directly with your player account which ties directly into your profile making it a seamless connection for all parties involved. Colleges and scouts love the connection between the two making their process that much easier to get recruiting information.

The only system that is fully connected on one platform.

Total Global Sports is the only system that connects players, college coaches, tournaments, leagues, clubs and teams on one software platform so all playing and game information is always the most up to date. Plus it means that you are using the same system college coaches use every day to manage their recruiting efforts, so they can easily access your information. It doesn’t get better than this!

TGS Player Profile Game Note

Game Notes

Game notes allow you to inform colleges and scouts about your specific game. For example, you might let them know if you are playing a specific half or any other information that you wish to tell them about your game making this a valuable product for you and the scouts.

Game Status

With game status, you can change your status for each individual game. Whether your Attending, Possibly Missing, Injured, or Not Attending you can change your status which updates/notifies all colleges and scouts automatically. The best part is your also to do this directly from your mobile device.

TGS Player Profile Game Status
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