Learn Why You Need To Activate Your Account.

For those players who desire to play in college, TOTALplayer gives you a full player profile, access to the College resource center and much more.

Why do I need to Activate my TOTALplayer account?

By activating your TOTALplayer account you are activating your Free player profile. This player profile will be automatically linked with all of the events that you attend. It will also be available for all college coaches to view, contact you and add you to their favorite. List. Be sure to activate your account today and fill out your free profile.

What are the benefits of an upgraded TOTALplayer account?

By upgrading your TOTALplayer account it will open up a full player profile system for you. It will allow you to add your academic information, athletic details, awards, college preferences and more. It will also give you full access to the College resource center. Here you will find information on when to email a college coach along with sample emails so that you can be sure to get noticed. With the TGS TOTALplayer profile, we can assist you in getting recruited to the school of your choice.

How do I get my player profile linked with my team?

When a team admin adds the players to the player pool you will be automatically added to the team. Once you have been added to the team then your team information such as schedules, jersey number, position and more will be visible on your player profile.

How do I share my TOTALplayer profile with colleges?

With TGS there is no need to share your profile, the college coaches already have access to it. If you find a school that you like we recommend that you follow the school and send the coach a message. The College coach will then be able to see that you are following them and see your full profile.

What do I do once I have committed to a college?

First off, Congratulations on getting recruited! What an exciting time this is for you. You will want to login to your account and change your commitment status and select the school where you have committed. You will then be placed on the TGS College Recruits list. This is where your teammates and the colleges that missed out on signing you will be able to see where you will be heading.

Who can view my profile?

All college coaches have access to your profile no matter what type of profile you have with TGS. The more details you provide in your profile the more the college coaches can learn about you. Your club college recruiter and director also have access to your profile to help in assisting you with finding the right school.

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