Player Spotlight – Elizabeth Finn

Total Global Sports has selected Elizabeth Finn as the Player Spotlight of the week. Elizabeth resides in Scituate, MA and currently plays for NEFC U18/19 GA. Learn more about Elizabeth below.

About The Player Jersey Number: 42

Position: Midfield and Forward

College Of Commitment:    University of New Hampshire

Favorite TV Show: Bachelor

Favorite Place You Have Visited: Cape Cod

Favorite Thing To Do In My Spare Time: Beach

Favorite Athlete/Sport: Tiger Woods

Favorite Food: Mexican

Favorite Movie: Twilight

What I Want To Do After College: Nurse

My Greatest Wish/Hope: Be respected for the person I am, not the person others want me to be.

How I Prepare For A Game: Eminem – Lose Yourself

If I Could Go Anywhere In The World: Maldives

The Person I admire The Most: Jackie Robinson

Most Memorable Moment In Soccer: National Final



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