Santa Rosa United Utilizes TGS College Recruiting Platform

Orange County, California – Total Global Sports is excited to announce a partnership with another top youth soccer club. Santa Rosa United will be using the TGS College Recruiting Platform for all of their college recruiting needs for their club, teams, and players. Santa Rosa United is joining the long list of top clubs across the United States using TGS for their college recruiting needs.


“We are very excited to add Santa Rosa United to the TGS College Recruiting Platform. We have some of the most prestigious clubs in the United States using our software making life easier for their players and managing everyday club activities” said Steve Patterson, Total Global Sports Chief Executive Officer.


Total Global Sports All-In program allows clubs to provide an ecosystem that ties all aspects of running a club, event, and college recruiting into one system. It is the first and only fully integrated system that was built from the ground up in one system unlike competitors that piece together multiple platforms or stand-alone.


“Santa Rosa United has a long history of players being recruited to play college soccer, but we have never had a system like Total Global Sports (TGS). We are extremely excited to team up with TGS. They will allow us integration into the ECNL events, but also all our non-ECNL teams can benefit from the platform. We will be much better at managing our teams and players through the college recruiting process with this new and powerful online system. As the quote goes “They have an app for that!”.- Kevin Kilroy DSO.


Total Global Sports is the first and only fully integrated sports management system. Gone are the days where you need to use multiple systems to manage tournaments, your club, teams, players, travel, and college recruiting. To learn more about Total Global Sports Click Here

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