Team All In Program
Total Global Sports All-In program allows teams to provide an eco system that ties all aspects of running a team, and college recruiting into one system.
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TGS Team All In Program
TGS Player Profiles
Player Profiles & College Recruiting

Players have full access to their robust player profile, request references, evaluations, upload videos, access college info, college staff, and follow and communicate with college coaches. Additionally, players will have full access to the college resource center and checklist for their recruiting needs. Learn More

TGS Video System
Team & Player Video Sharing

TGS’s powerful video solution allows you to share, download, assign, and create notes for individual videos. This makes it that much easier to share your videos with your team members in one place. Learn More

TGS College System

Utilizing TGS’s software, you now can use your mobile device on the field or the website to check in which coaches are attending your games. This is automatically shared with your players and stored in the player and team accounts to give you and your players an accurate list of who attended your games. Learn More

Why TGS All In Program Is For Your Team?

Keeping to our core values of giving you one solution to manage all of your team needs in one place. TGS has introduced a powerful team solution allowing teams to manage their players recruiting needs, team game videos and college analytics. The team system provides each player with an upgraded player profile, team staff with video management tools and sharing capabilities along with team admins a college mobile app game to check in and track each college that attends your games.

TGS All In Player Profiles

Player Profiles

TOTALplayer Teen account is for players ages 12 & up that have a goal to play in college. With a Teen account, players have full access to their robust player profile, request references, evaluations, upload videos, access colleges, and staff, follow and communicate with college coaches and more. When you join the TGS All In program each player will receive an upgraded player profile account and have full access to the extended profile and college resource section allowing players to follow and favorite their particular colleges along with much more. Learn more

See Which Colleges Are Viewing Your Players

After each event, you will have the opportunity to see what colleges have looked at your players. This report will show the total number of your players that each college coach viewed during your games. With the only fully integrated college and tournament system, it makes this process seamless. Learn More

TGS Team All In Players Viewed
TeTGS Team All In Program Colleges Messages

Players Can Communicate Directly With College Coaches

TGS has made communicating and with colleges a very simple task. Each of your players will have direct access to the list of college coaches that have attended their games along with full access to all colleges in the TGS system. With our custom, email template players don’t have to worry about connecting their personal information or profile link. The TGS system does it automatically. All they have to do is add their message! Additionally, it organizes all of their communications for them making their recruiting process as simple as possible. Learn more

Print Custom Team College Pamphlets

You already have inputted your player data so it only makes sense that we also provide you with an easy way to create team profile pamphlets for you to pass out. With a click of a button, you can select the style of the pamphlet and then download it as a pdf. TGS will do all the hard work for you and pull all of the information right from the player’s profiles.

  • Team All In Package
    • $ 74.99 per month or $799.95 Annually (Savings of 2 months)
      • 35 Upgraded Player Plus Profiles for First Team Players that are 12 years old & older on your team.
      • Team Video System
      • College Attending Check In & College List (Mobile Phone & Web)
      • College Reports for your Team & Players (Downloadable in Excel)
      • Access to all Colleges and Staff contact information in TGS
      • One touch button that sends college info to players after each game
      • Team College Pamphlet

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