Video Sharing & Analysis
With our TGS Club Video component, you can analyze, share, scout, and manage videos in one platform. TGS simplifies your life with one solution.
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Securely share video with any team in your club, or with other clubs and teams in your leagues.


Send messages with your video to individuals, groups or the entire team about game or practice footage.

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Scout & Prepare

Watch your game footage or your opponent’s game footage to prepare for upcoming matches or trainings.

TGS College System
Auto Share with Colleges

Game footage uploaded to the League Exchange is automatically shared with all college coaches.

Why TGS Video Solution For Your Team?

Keeping to our core values of giving you one solution to manage all of your teams needs in one place. TGS has introduced a powerful video solution allowing you to share, download, assign to players, and create notes for individual videos for players. Making it that much easier to share your data with your team in one place.

Team Video Packages Include

    • Access for your team’s coaches and players
    • Custom notes for individual players
    • Game footage shared with colleges
  • Secure video storage
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