Travel Integrated Directly in the Event System.
With your TOTALaccommodations there is no need for third party software. It is fully integrated into the TGS system. Coming in fall of 2016.

Built For Simplifying Team Accommodations.

Gone are the days were you need to have teams register with an outside accommodation software. TGS has fully integrated their accommodation software to make life easier for the event and teams.

Making It That Much Easier For The Event.

When running your event you want to make things as simple as possible for your customers (Teams & Clubs) that is why TGS has integrated its accommodation directly in the event software making your job that much easier when tracking your accommodations.

You Make Money While We Do The Work.

Using the TGS accommodation product you make the money you always have made and possibly more. Let TGS do all the heavy lifting getting the hotels while you focus on running a top level event.

Fully Integrated In The Event System

Teams no longer need to re-register with a third party software to manage their accommodations. TGS system is fully integrated allowing the teams to simply register for their block of rooms. Making life for the manger that much easier and for the event.

Track Data

Track team participation, sales, travel location, types of rooms, and much more allowing you to have real valuable data.

No Extra Work Needed

Let TGS staff do all the heavily lifting allowing you to focus not he event itself. We will establish all of your hotel contract along with food and car rentals.

Make More Money

With TGS negotiating the hotel contract and other travel contract we are able to establish higher returns which allows us to provide that back to the event.

Keep Your Clients Happy

Since the accommodation software is fully integrated in the TGS event system teams no longer have to create another account with another software. This make your users happy and your life simpler.

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