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Association Product Highlights

Player & Staff Registration

Allow clubs to simply register the players and staff that they chose. The Association then has the ability to auto-approve, manually approve and/or deny all players and staff. The control is in the hands of the association to say what details are required for approval.


TGS offers multiple reports based on your association’s needs from banking, refunds, player counts, sales rep totals, and reconciliation reports. With the robust reports section, you are sure to find all your important data in an easy to export report.

Schedules & Events

Scheduling your leagues and events has never been easier. TGS offers multiple ways to run your schedule from a simple import, calendar drag and drop or allow the home clubs to add their venues and times. When game change requests are needed use the TGS internal request form and one-click acceptances to streamline this process.


With automated emails and notifications, your association will be the leader in communication. For League and Events, game changes are sent to the team staff as well as the players. With custom templates and filtered groups, the association can send email blasts out to the membership at any time.  Your Association can also send an email and push notifications through your own Assocation app.

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