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Club & Team Chat

Chat allows you to quickly communicate and update your membership without worrying about finding phone numbers. You can communicate on the go with flexible messaging options for parents, coaches, or custom groups.

Schedules & Events

With TGS integration with events majority of your schedules will automatically be added and updated with no effort from your end. This also applies to your club’s practice schedule. Items beyond games such as team parties, fundraisers, and all other meetings or games can be added.

Registration & Billing

Collecting your players dues is simply done using our intuitive payment system through your club app. Documents, agreements and payments can all be collected during th registration making it simple for your membership to make payments using their mobile device.


TGS player evaluations are automatically in each coaches account once they have been assigned by the club. Coaches can simply fill out the evaluation at anytime using their mobile app and reference evaluation at anytime.

College Recruiting

Quickly access all your players profile information along with player favorites, communication with colleges, videos, and much more. Additionally, look up any college in the country and have access to all important college info along with staff contact info.

Player Attendance

Tracking attendance is now a breeze. Utilizing the attendance tracking feature staff and parents can update attendance for games, practices, and events tracking the data for all players.

Health & Injuries

Tracking players injuries can simply be done within your clubs app.When a player is injured log the injury and the app will track the progress for each injury. Date time, and how the injury occurred, notes, and documents can all be stored.


Knowing the mental health of your players is crucial to a successful team. With the app, players can log their daily moods, after-game moods, and more. This will give the coach a clear understanding of the players mental state.

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