How It Works
TGS video system stores all videos in one place allowing you to manage and share videos easily with college coaches, players, and staff.
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Upload Video Files

Uploading video files could not be any easier. Game footage, Practice, or Individual clips can be uploaded and shared across your entire organization. Integration with colleges and league exchanges makes the TGS video portal the most robust in the industry. Upload files from TRACE, Hudl, Veo, and much more.

Choose Type of Video

The TGS system allows you to categorize your films into different bucks. Games, Practices, Scrimmages, and Clips are available for you to choose from when uploading.

Share With Colleges, Players, or Staff

TGS Video share is an extremely powerful tool allowing you to share video in a simplistic way. Sharing with college coaches could not be easier. Simply choose the college or the conference and share game footage or clips at any time. Additionally, share with staff, players, and parents at any time.

Analytics & Reports

Once a video has been shared see who has received, open, or clicked on a video. Additionally, if you create a note with the video see who has open the note as well.

TGS Video Team Package
This package is for a individual team.
$ 500 per year
TGS Video Club Package
This package is for a club and all teams.
$ 1,500 per year

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