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With your TGS mobile app, you can manage all your recruiting efforts on-the-go using a smartphone or tablet.
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The Mobile App Of The Future

With the TGS mobile app, you can manage your recruiting efforts through a smartphone or tablet anytime, anywhere. No need to take hand written notes or use multiple systems for tracking methods, your TGS account has everything you need in one place. Everything that is done on the mobile app syncs automatically to the web account allowing you to manage your recruiting efforts anywhere anytime. Now that is powerful!

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No Paper Profiles

No Paper Profiles

Gone are the days of paper team profiles and hand-written notes that you later have to be input. With the TOTALcollegiate account, you can easily access team profiles at events electronically and take notes per player that are saved and linked to the players that you are are following.

Organize Before the Event

Organize Before the Event

Search and register to attend tournaments and leagues allowing you to create your own custom event schedule so you don’t miss evaluating any recruit. You can create schedules for your staff as well.

Sync Schedules

Schedules Sync Automatically

Tournament and league schedules are linked in real-time to players and teams so that you always have the most up to date information on all your recruit’s playing schedules. Even if schedules change at the last minute due to weather, your custom event schedules that you created will automatically be updated.

Player Game Status

Player Game Status

Players have the ability to change their individual game status along with adding a note for you to view. This allows you the ability to create a more detailed and accurate schedule for each staff member.

24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week, 365 Days A Year

Complete access to players information when needed.

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Be Connected. Anywhere. Anyway. Anytime.

Need to find specific player info quickly when out of the office. No problem with the TGS mobile app. you now have access to player, club, and staff  information in the palm of your hands.

Player Dashboard

Quick access to the players high level overview of their basic information along the ability to follow your favorite players.

Player Notes

Take real time notes that automatically sync with your entire coaching staff. You can view notes at anytime.

Recruiting Info

Rank your recruits with the the star rating system along with individual rankings based on certain criteria. You can also track your player financial offers.

TGS Totalplayer Account
Game Schedules

View players games schedules and assign them to specific staff members allowing them to have individual custom schedules.

Academic Info

Viewing a player’s academic information allows you to see their individual test scores and current GPA.

Sport Info

Access the individual player’s information about their current club, high school, and achievements quickly.