TGS Communication Center helps your club and teams stay connected with membership. By creating emails, campaigns, messages, articles, or simply chatting you will never fall behind with your communication needs.
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Product Features

Email Design & Templates

Create branded emails that help make your club & teams look like a pro. Whether you’re just starting or have used our tools before we make our template builder as simple as possible while allowing you to have freedom of design. All templates are stored in your account for use whenever you like for any campaign needed.

Email Statistics

Your club & teams rely on getting emails to your membership. Your email delivery rate, open rate, bounce rate, and click rate all are important metrics for your success. While no one can guarantee email deliverability, with TGS reports you can be confident that you’ll have the information to help see your campaign details and so much more.

Messaging / Chat

Simplify, Organize, and Streamline are the important motto that TGS is built on. Now with messages, your club and teams can stay out in front with their communication notifying members of last-minute changes or information about a game or practice. There are endless opportunities while using messaging for your organizations.

Club Articles

Create custom articles to share with your membership at any time through your mobile app. You can select featured articles to showcase within the app. Need to create articles but publish them at a different time, no worries as this feature is available to you.

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