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Custom Club Evaluations Clubs can customize evaluation templates, assign them to staff to complete, and have completed evaluations posted to each individual player account. • Assign To Team Players • Customize By Field Players & Goalkeepers • Create Unlimited Custom Templates • Track Evaluator Progress and Scores • Auto Notifications Customize Evals For All Age Groups: • Stored In Club, Team, & Player Accounts • Unlimited Evaluations
How It Works
TGS evaluations allow you to create custom templates, assign to players, assign to an evaluator with automated notifications. Once completed evaluations sent directly to the player's account and stored in your staff and club account.
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Create Custom Evaluation Templates

TGS player evaluation templates offer pre-set categories and questions but then also allows the user to create their own categories and questions. An evaluation for a field player is not the same for a goalkeeper. So, why ask the same questions? Custom templates allow the club to create different evaluations for different positions, ages, genders, and abilities.

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Assign Staff To Player Evaluations

Once the templates have been created simply assign them to the staff that will be completing them. Each staff will automatically be notified by email that the evaluation has been assigned to them. The coach will log in to their team account and see all of the evaluations that are incomplete, in-progress and completed. They can click on each player and answer the series of questions and add their comments. It will even show the coach what their average rating is across all their completed evaluations.

Step By Step Instructions

Completed Evaluations Are Stored In Players Account.

All players will have access to their completed evaluations. Each category will give an overall score and then they can look deeper at each question and see how they ranked on a 1-5 scale. If they are happy with their evaluation they can choose to make it public, allowing college coaches to view the completed evaluation.

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Club Evaluations Product
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