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``We are excited to roll out the workout feature in TGS to the club. By supplementing our existing player development model with at-home training and tracking we can help our athletes take their training to another level.`` Stuart Hilton - Sting Technical Director
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650+ Training Videos

With hundreds of videos to choose from you are sure to find the right ones to properly show your players how to do the workout. Performing a workout set correctly is crucial to the fitness and health of the players. Using these videos to demonstrate the workouts makes it simple to assign them to players.

Fitness Tracking & Plans

Create custom workouts for your players. You can use videos, sets, reps, distance, and time. With customized workouts, you can see when the player completed and what their results were.

Injury & Tracking

When a player is injured use the tracker to track their progress. Log the date time, and how the injury occurred. Then add follow-ups such as Dr appointments or clearance dates to the injury tracker.

Players Daily Moods

Understanding and knowing the mental health of your players is crucial to a successful team. With the app, players can log their daily moods, after-game moods, and more. This will give the coach a clear understanding of the players on their teams and where their head is.

Player Developmental Calendar

This calendar view will let you see each player’s moods, at-home workouts, practices, scrimmages games ane manual workouts. Allowing you to see how much they are working and if they need to increases or decrease their hours.

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Player Package
This package is for an individual player only.
$ 9.95 Per month
Team Package
This package is for a individual team and players.
$ 1,250 Per Year
Club Package
This package is for a club and all teams and players.
$ 6,000 Per Year

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