TGS Launches New Club Mobile App

TGS launches the new Custom Club mobile app giving member clubs the professional experience by providing a seamless yet simple mobile app to manage theirr club requirements, schedules, payments, communication, and much more.


Club & Team Chat

Chat allows you to quickly communicate and update your membership without worrying about finding phone numbers. You can communicate on the go with flexible messaging options for parents, coaches, or custom groups.

Schedules & Events

With TGS’s seamless integration with the majority of your club’s events, your schedules will automatically be added and updated with no effort from your end. This also applies to your club’s practice schedule. Items beyond games such as team parties, fundraisers, and all other meetings or games can be added.

Registration & Billing

Registering and paying club dues has never been easier for parents. They can simply log in to your club app and register for your club programs, pay dues, view payment plans, and see balances. There is no excuse to ever be late on a payment again!


Tracking attendance is now a breeze. Utilizing the attendance tracking feature all staff and parents can update attendance for games, practices, and events tracking the data for all players.

College Recruiting

While on the field your coaching staff can see players recruiting information and talk with them about their best college fits. They can see the full profile, favorite colleges, colleges views and so much more. Parents also have access to the player’s profile and can help their players keep it up to date.

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