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With our custom algorithm we match potential colleges with you helping you with your recruiting process.
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The TGS system will look at your preferred preferences such as location, size, division, and additional items to help match you with the right colleges.

TGS Club Billing

Based on the information that you add about your financial abilities your TGS profile will take this into account when matching you with potential colleges.

TGS Profile Academics

Looking at the college’s academic requirements along with your academic scores the TGS system will use this to help match you with potential colleges.

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College views & more

With TGS  all in one system that connects colleges, players, events and more it provides important data that allows our algorithm to match you based on college and players interest, views and recruiting types. No other system has this capability!

TGS Match Tracker is the most sophisticated tool!

With your TGS player profile your account includes our unique Match Tracker system that uses a custom algorithm to help match you with potential colleges. Looking at your profile, academics, preferences, financials, along with views by colleges and much more the system will provide you with potential colleges that are good fits for you.

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