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Team Billing

Creating payment plans, collecting important documents, scholar shipping players and so much more can be accomplished in team billing.

Collect all the team funds at once or over customized payment plans.

Team College Recruiting

Upgraded player profiles, track college attendance, college views, communicate with colleges and more.

College recruiting made simple inside your team account.

Team College Coach Check-In

Utilizing your mobile app, it is as easy as one click in the app you can log college coaches that attend your games.

Instantly share your data with players, team and the club.

Team Game Manager

Build and Share Set Plays, Line Ups and Game Details

Create set plays and share them with your player's and coaches

Team Video

Upload your team videos and share it with players and staff

Easily assign videos to players and staff and see who has watched them.

Team Health & Fitness

Player Injury Tracker, Create Custom Workout Plans and Assign Them To Players

Stay up to date with all members health and fitness

Mobile App

TGS Custom Mobile App Gives Your Members The Professional Team Experience

View schedules, team billing, player evaluations, player recruiting profiles and more.

Team Fundraising

Raise money for your team without selling anything

Show your players skills through fundraisers such as Juggle-a-thons.

Even better together!

TGS Complete Product bundles all TGS services into one easy subscription!

Team Billing

TGS Complete is the ultimate collection of Total Global Sports services for one low monthly price. It's simple to sign up for and easy to manage.

The biggest bang for your buck.

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