Simplifying Your Fundraising Needs
With our TGS fundraising platform you can now raise more money with less effort for clubs, teams & groups.
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Total Fundraiser AccelRaise
Fundraising  A-thon

Looking to boost your donations for a juggle-athon, fun-run, pledge-a-thon, or anything in-between? By taking your “A-thon” online you can broaden your fundraiser’s reach, get your participants involved, and make record keeping easy as ever!

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Golf Tournament

Set up your next golf fundraiser. Golf Tournament packages include silent auctions, helicopter golf ball drops, on course contests, and more, all integrated onto your custom fundraising site!

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Custom Fundrasier

Have a fundraising idea that you want to take online? If you have a custom event you’d like to run with AccelRaise go ahead and contact us for a free consultation.

Struggling With Fundraising?

If you’re like most sports teams, or non-profits, fundraising is something you HAVE to do in order to survive in today’s reality. We’ve all been a part of bad fundraisers – the ones where a few people do a bunch of work but most people do nothing, while paperwork, questions, and complaints pile up, and the good people “in charge” of these fundraisers end up ridiculed and embarrassed. Now YOU’RE somehow in charge of this fundraising and need to generate $5,000, $20,000, $100,000 or more. You probably also need to do things like keep your day job, coach your team, or taxi your kids around. And you’d also like to keep your members happy and yourself sane. You know WHAT you need to do, but not HOW to get it done.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the more common questions asked about the product. If you have additional questions please contact us so that we can answer  your questions.

How much can we raise?

There’s no limit to what you can raise through the TGS/Accelraise platform . . . we have events that take in $2,500 and a few that hit $250,000! We will use all of our technology and expertise to help you raise as much as possible!

I don't have the time to run a big fundraiser - what can you do for me?

We hear this ALL the time, and it’s actually the reason we created this platform.  Thanks to technology, your work is kept to a minimum.  And you’ll have a dedicated event specialist to assist with anything you need help with!

We need money ASAP - how long does it take?

No worries!  We can usually have your event set up within 24 hours, but it helps to contact us as early as possible!  Unlike with some other fundraising companies, you’ll also be receiving funds throughout the process rather than waiting until the end!

What are the fees to use the system?

Total Global Sports always has simple and low cost pricing models that “make sense”.  To make sure that what’s good for us is also good for you, we have a small set up fee, and then we only collect a percentage of what you raise. This rate ranges from 5-15% depending on the type of event, and can be decreased if you are using other TGS products. We also offer a FREE model where we collect a fee on the transactions.

Will my donors get charged any fees?

Only if you want them to. We have the ability to allow your donors to cover the cost of the fees so that your organization receives the greatest benefit possible from their contribution – netting more money for your cause!

How do I share my fundraiser with others?

Because your whole fundraiser is online it is as easier than ever to share it! We’ve built in tools to share on Facebook, by email, and by SMS from your phone.  Our platform provides separate pages for each team and player, each page with a unique URL. This means all you have to do is copy and paste the URL to ANY kind of Social Media to share the page you’re sending – you can also send these by text or email!

I have some more questions - can I speak with someone?

Sure!  Feel free to call anytime 888-384-7247

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