Sneak Peak into your Club College Account

TGS is the first fully integrated club account with Colleges. Everything your club now attends that is powered by TGS is tracked so all your teams and player information is displayed for your club to see. This will allow you as the club to have greater knowledge of what players are being looked at all the way down to where players are being seen. Not only can you see this data but you are also able to see all of your players profile data as well giving you access to seeing what your players favorite colleges are and detailed information about each player. It is all there at your finger tips and will be available in September of 2016 for your ECNL club for FREE.

TGS College Club

College Dashboard For Your Club

With the College Dashboard you are now able to see what schools are most interested in your players, view what events have given your player the most exposure, along with tracking your players commitments and player activations.

Individual Player College Dashboard

You now have the ability to see your individual players statistics when it comes to College Recruiting. You will be able to see your players full college profile along with their favorites colleges. You will also be able to view which Colleges are viewing the player and what event he or she is attracting the most attention at.

TGS Player College Account
TGS College Player List

As a Club You Have Full Access To All Colleges

With your college account you are able to access every college in the country. This gives you full access to view the schools sports program. Not only can you view the program detail but you have access to academic requirements along with the ability to take notes for individual players that you are trying to help get recruited to the individual school.

See what Player are being looked at.

With TGS all of the data from the events are tracked and instantly updated in your club account every second. So you are always up to date to see what colleges are looking at your players helping you guide your players in the right direction. To get more detail you just select the player and you will see the individual colleges looking at your player allowing you to take notes to help manage your players recruiting needs.

TGS College Account 2
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