How It Works
TGS team workout plans track activity, boost individual performance while tracking all data and sharing it with your team coach and each individual player.
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Step 1 – Log Into Your Team Account To Create A Workout Plan

You need to have a TGS team account to use this product. Select the team, Select the tab Programs, Select Workouts on the left navigation. You will want to create a plan then add the workouts to the plan. Need Help

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Step 2 – Assign Players The Workout Plan

Once you have created you plan and workouts simply assign them to players. Each player will automatically be notified by email that the workout plan has been assigned to them and the plan will be in their player app instantly.

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Step 3 – Players Must Download The Player Mobile App.

All players must have downloaded the player app to be able to use the wrokout plans assigned to them. Click the button below to get access to the player mobile app for apple and android.

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What Our Clients Say

Team Workout Plan Billed Monthly
$ 4.99 Per Player
Team Workout Plan Billed Annually
$ 49.99 Per Player
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