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The ONLY fully Intergrated System

TGS Player Profiles are automatically linked with a player’s teams, clubs, leagues, and events. No need to add individual league games or team information as it is already in the profile and live in real-time. Thus making the college coaches job that much easier to find the player and see their games.

A Player App that Works for You!

Take Control Of Your Recruitting

Knowing that players are always on the go TGS has developed a mobile app that allows players full access to their profile from anywhere. Make updates to your profile, favorite a new college, send a game schedule to college coaches. This can all be done in the palm of your hand.

Connected So You Can Focus On Playing!

The Player Profile is already connected with thousands of college coaches from all across the country. College coaches have full access to your profile at any time. They have their own TGS recruiting app that directly links them with your profile and schedule.

Player Account Tools

Tools to Help You Become a Student-Athlete

Colleges & Staff That Attend Your Games

TGS College Coach Check-In simplifies logging colleges and staff that attended the games while sharing the data instantly within the player account. Players can now see exactly which colleges and more specifically which coaches were at each game.

Personal Highlight & Skills Videos.

Players can create and upload their playing videos, highlight videos, or any type of playing video to their TGS profile. Colleges and scouts will have direct access to view their videos at any time through the web or the college recruiting mobile app. If Their team uses TRACE ID then those game footages, as well as their top 10 moments, will be synched automatically into their account.

Communication Center

TGS has made communicating and with colleges a very simple task. With a custom email template, players don’t have to worry about connecting their personal information or profile link. The TGS system does it automatically. All they have to do is add their message! Additionally, it organizes all of their communications for making their recruiting process as simple as possible. TGS also offers one-touch emails to invite colleges to the player’s upcoming matches.

TGS Match Tracker

With our custom algorithm, TGS matches potential colleges with players helping them with their recruiting process. The TGS system will look at your preferred preferences such as location, size, division, and additional items to help match you with the right colleges.

College Search

Get access to over 5,000 college coaches in the TGS system! Players can access college info, staff info, requirements, cost, and much more. Through the search functions, players can find colleges based on their requirements and learn more about them. Helping to expand a player’s knowledge on all the potential colleges to chose from.

College Favorites

When searching for colleges players have the ability to select their favorite schools and schools of interest. They can give the college a private rating of 1-5 stars. This will help the player to sort through potential schools of their liking. Also, when a college is favorited they are notified that the player is potentially interested.

Task & Progress Tracker

From the start of freshman year to the end of senior year the TGS Player Profile account provides players with a comprehensive checklist keeping them organized and on track with their recruiting needs.

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